Hails Asura,
it's great to have you here for an Interview! How are you recently?
Please tell our readers about HELLFIRE. When the Band was formed,
which Stuff you released already, what's the actual line up, the reason you choosed the Bandname and so on.

Hi, I’ve been good except there are some kidney stones inside me LOL.

Hellfire is a rough and pure underground metal band. Established in the summer of 2007 in the beginning, we’ve been hoping it sounds like a 1980s band, that’s our favorite time and sounds.

The band name is from a comic movie “Ghost Rider”, that fire skeleton riding a bike with chains in his hand left a very deep impression in my head. And we also hope we will be the warriors daring doubt and challenge the wrong authorities like Lucifer, a light from the sky fallen into hell.
At last, I used a song from my favorite band Sabbat to express everything, that’s Hellfire.


Some time ago, i bought the CD of your debut Album "The Seven Gates in Hell".
The Tracks are killer Old School Thrash/ Black Metal (even my CD has some running problems, hehe) and also the Cover Art is great.
Are you satisfied with your first Release? How many copies were produced of it?

It was in 2012 we released the first version of “The Seven Gates in Hell”.
But due to some mistakes during the depress process, there are many flaws in this CD, those damn noises. So we pulled it off the shelves after several months. There may be 200 CDs out there in fans and I have the other 100, planning to put it in the 10th anniversary package as free gift.


In 2016, you did a Re-Recorded Version of "The Seven Gates in Hell".
How the idea came up?

It’s because of those flaws. I hope we could do better, so in last year, we re-record it with our new crew but seeing from now, there are still many deficiencies.
You know, there is no end in Hell, the perfect one is always the next.


from left to right: Bonzer, Asura, ZQ


Please tell us something about the Lyrical themes of HELLFIRE and who is writing them.

Our lyrics are of wide diversity. When we are about to create a song, a theme will be started first, like we create a character who is from Hell, brings attacks and slaughters to human, that’s our song “Sodom”. And hypocrisy among people who attack their own, it happens in China a lot LOL. So we have our “Dog eat dog”. Anyway, our songs are from everything from the real life, human world is the largest hell.


What are the main musical influences of your Band?

As you have tasted yourself, we are influenced by some N.W.O.B.H.M. and the early Thrash Metal as well as the early Black Metal. There are a lot of bands representing that, such as Venom, Virtue, Destruction, Mefisto, Morbid, Tormentor (Hun), also Sabbat from Japan, which is the biggest influence.


You played already often live in China. How was the Feedback?
Can we see you also playing live outside of China, in future?

Yes, we played a lot in China. Sadly the truth is the more we are reaching the real God of metal, the less people can understand us. I’m NOT making the music fawning over on audience. We have some real die-hard fans, although not many but it’s enough to have party and drink together with them.

So, to us, it is the time to explore outside China. Our next important plan is to gain as many opportunities to learn and play as we can in different hells.


I know that you are a real Sabbat-Maniac, haha!
Why do you like this Band so much and are you in contact with the Bandmembers?

Yes, it’s a great band!

You know, under this era of massive high-tech, digitalize and Internet information explosion makes many bands we used to love more impetuous and commercialized. But Sabbat has always been following its own path, never changes the die-hard attitude, that is so cool!
I met Gezol and their guitarist Elizabigore in this February, it let me feel and learn more spirit of pure Metal. They are the people I admire most!


What do you think about the actual chinese Metal Scene?
Are you in contact with other chinese Metal Bands?

I don’t know how to say about Chinese Metal, it seems to be a large market. When some hosts and bands making it more and more commercialized, we are still the most underground and die-hard band here.

We don’t like to put ourselves in a certain circle and fawn on those hosts and so called “fans”. Metal is a very private inner world to me. It’s like I’m writing my journal, why do I need people to praise and admire my journal? Or modify my journal into essay to get their praises?
That’s stupid LOL.

Of course we have brother bands in China such as Explosicum from Nanchang, Excited Insects from Handan and Hellward from Ji’nan. They all have great music, not like other Trigger + High gain bands. Ok, I really hate modern technologies LOL.

Hellfire Live Desecration!

How did you get in touch with Metal and can you tell us some of your absolute favourite Bands and Albums?

The very first time I got in touch with Metal is when I found a CD of Overkill in my Dad’s drawer. I was a fourth grade kid and then my Dad recommended Metallica and Iron Maiden to me. And the weird amazing truth is my Dad is not a Metal head but a Classical Music collector. He has more Classical CDs than my Metal CDs.

My favorite bands and albums are,

Venom - Welcome to Hell

Venom - Black Metal

Metallica - Kill em' all

Exodus  - Bonded by Blood

Destruction - Infernal Overkill

Bathory - Bathory

Sabbat - Envenom

Sabbat - Karisma

And Mefisto, Tomentor, Morbid and early Demo and Ep of Sabbat. Those are the evilest sounds.
Of course as well as “The Seven Gates in Hell” from Hellfire hahaha.


Which was the best live concert you have ever seen in China?

Luckily, we have the chance to see Kreator, Metallica and Iron Maiden playing in this country.
Those are very good concerts. Especially the live of Iron Maiden, the stage design and the songs selected are amazing.

But the best in underground, I think it is the live in 2010 when we held a Metal Festival in Hellfire Club. It was the first Metal Festival in my city. Members from 10 bands in different cities fought and drank together with no separation for two days.


Besides of Metal, do you listen to other music?

When I was a kid, we listened a lot of Popular Music from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.
I barely listen to other music since I stared my journey of Metal. Absolutely each kind of music has its own good parts but I don’t have much time for that because there are too much to explore in the Metal world.

I will listen Classical Music from my Dad every time I go to my parents’ LOL.


What do you think about Religions?

Oh, that I don’t know, maybe it’s like other people’s private inner world.
However, if Metal is a kind of religion, no doubt I am the most devout believer.


Tell us something about your Hometown Wuhan.
How is the life over there and are there many Metal Maniacs?

You should take care living here for the summer here is very hot LOL.

Wuhan has very hot summer and cold winter with a high humidity in the air.
Some streets are dirty and in chaos but we have lots of delicious food and snacks.

And there are many universities and colleges here, so there are many students gathering in Live houses but usually it’s for folk music bands and other “Post” style music bands which I totally don’t understand what does that word of style mean.

Of course, we have Metal maniacs, they are all my friends.
We hang out a lot in Hellfire rehearsal room or my home.


Are you or your Bandmembers playing in other Bands?

Yes, we have another band named Wildevil in 2015, it’s a Heavy/Doom Metal band, sounds like Black Sabbath and Pentagram.

In that year, we released an album and had a 10-day road show, amazing experience.
But now we don’t have much time for other bands since we started Hellfire because it worth to put our full energy for it.


Let us know something about the HELLFIRE Club!

At first, it’s a place for me and my friends to hang out together and till 2010, we wish to spread true Metal to more people in our city, so we turned our club into a Live house where we had lots of underground lives. But eventually we failed to keep it running when we could not stand those people interfering and people hiding in corners and coming up to take photos with band members when live ended, that’s not what we wanted. Not everyone deserves to go to Hell.
In other hand, we were having losses the whole time because many free entry lives while I have to cover the expense for other bands coming to play. So now, Hellfire Club is a private club like before and also our rehearsal room. We hold parties, do impromptu playing, have beers and BBQs regularly.


What are the future plans of HELLFIRE... any upcoming Releases, Shows, changes,...?

Yes, this year is 10th anniversary of Hellfire, so we will release a 4 CD package collecting all of our former works as well as a picture album recording all the stories about us.

Meanwhile, we will start our first overseas tour in France this October together with Manzer. In fact, I can’t wait anymore LOL.


How people can get in contact with you and where they can buy your Releases?

Usually you can find me on Facebook, my ID is “Asura Hellfire”. You can also find Hellfire official blog, it’s www.facebook.com/hellfirechn/

And we have some distributors, maybe peoples can purchase our releases from them:

Eerie Hint Productions (Germany)

Destruktion Records (Germany)

Legion of Death (France)

Gravesite Productions (USA)

Midnight Sorcery Records (Mexico)

Rock Stakk Records (Japan)

S.A. Music (Japan)

Thrashingfist Prods (Malaysia)


Brother, thanks a lot for your time. Keep up the great Music with HELLFIRE.
The last words are yours!

Thank you very much for your support and this interview and people who read this!
Heaven is on fire, and this fire is from Hell!!!


10 Years of Hellfire