All of my upcoming Interviews will be featured in the Underground Metal Fanzine "BESTIAL DESECRATION",

In April 2018, i travelled to China and had long face-to-face Interviews with the Bands IBEX MOON, ANCESTOR, ERBADAD and DINKUMOIL. Also a very long and detailed Interview with the chinese Metal legend "WANG", who is the owner of AREA DEATH PROD./ 666 ROCK SHOP in Beijing.

Another face-to-face Interview was done in Beijing, late December 2018, with PLUTOTH. He is the owner of KURONG MUSIC and played in the old school Black/Thrash Metal Band PERDITISM.
Until now, this is the longest Interview i did and it will open the eyes of many readers about the chinese Metal scene.
A very intelligent and honest man, also one of the few who is truly loyal to the metal underground since many, many years!

Jero/ EHP

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                A pure Underground Thrash/ Black Metal Band from Wuhan, China.
                    These Maniacs are keeping the Spirit of 1980's Metal Bands alive!
                        The Interview was done with Bandleader Asura in April 2017.

Aek Gwi

Aek Gwi is a one man Band from South Korea,
playing Ambient Horror Black Metal.
The Interview was done with Vhan in late December 2015.




A very promising Death/ Thrash Metal Band from China is Rupture!
After the Demo "Death to Peace", the Band is now working on their first 
full length Album. 
I talked with Bandleader Schtarch in January 2016.




Skeletal Augury

"Bless of destroyed, raped, dismembered flesh" is definitely the most brutal, evil and hardest chinese Black/ Thrash Metal Album ever.
Now it's time to know more about this killer Band!
The Interview with Bandleader & Singer Freezing was done end of December 2015.