the last year of Eerie Hint Productions.

Our last, upcoming releases:

Ancestor - Lords of Destiny MC (out 25. February)
Explosicum - Conflict MC
Explosicum - Raging Living MC
Explosicum - Living's Deal MC
Holyarrow - Fight back for the Fatherland MC
Sabbat/ Hellfire - Live Split MC

Out now

BE PERSECUTED - End Leaving/ I.I
Double Tape Box Edition, lim. 222

The two full length albums of the chinese melancholic Black Metal Band are now available for the first time on Cassette!
Highly recommended for fans of
Abyssic Hate's "Suicidal Emotions", Burzum, Enthroning Silence, Strid, Wigrid and Nyktalgia.

Available through our Bigcartel Webshop and Bandcamp.

ANCESTOR and  NECROABBOT Tapes are sold out


Sold out

Sold out

 Aek Gwi - "凶夢 (Hideous Dreams)".

Sold out

SABBAT (Japan)/ HELLFIRE (China) - "Sabbatical Hellfirexecution"
A Split Tape with 7 selected Tracks of Sabbat from the 1980's era and 10 Tracks of  the Black/ Thrash Maniacs Hellfire
(especially recorded for this Release).
71 Minutes of pure evil Metal!

RUPTURE - "Rise from the Mass Graves"
The debut Album of the chinese Death/ Thrash Metal Maniacs is out now!
CD co-released via Eerie Hint Productions, Pest Productions and Southern Force Productions.


Read our Interview
with the Chinese Thrash/ Black Metal Band Hellfire HERE!


Do you want more Metal from China?
Check out our Facebook Page called "Chinese Metal Music" and  our YouTube Channel "Chinese Metal" for more Songs and recommendations.


TROMA TUMOR (China) - "The Chaos God", pro Tape
Limited to 100 copies. Death Metal with influences of Morbid Angel!


Sold out

HELLFIRE (China) - "The Seven Gates In Hell"

Sold out

IBEX MOON - "Cathedral at Obscure Fortress"


Sold out

DRACONIS INFERNUM (Singapore) - "The Ashes of the Old"

The digital Version can be still purchased through Bandcamp:


Raging Metal Assault - Vol. 1
In cooperation with our Partnerlabel Destruktion Records, we will release a Compilation CD soon, which will be free with every Order from our Shop.
Pure Underground Metal, with Bands like
Evil Army, Necroabbot, Rupture, Draconis Infernum, Infernal Execrator, Transilvania, Germ Bomb, Crematory Stench, Hereafter, Atomicdeath, Illum Adora, Kafirun, Dekapited, Ex-Inferiis, Hellsword, Die Hard, Evil Force
and more!


PAGANFIRE - "The Executor is Back"
Pro Tape Release. Still a few copies available through our Webshop.


Out on August 01, 2016

PAGANFIRE - "The Executor is Back"
Old School Thrash Metal from the Philippines!

Sold out

DREAM SPIRIT - "Mountains and Rivers"

Pro Tape, pro Cover. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
The first 35 copies are coming as a Special Edition, including a Postcard, Sticker and Logo Button.
Limitation numbers are written in golden colour.
The Regular Edition includes a Logo Sticker as well.
This is a official European Tape Edition of their first Album "江山" and comes with a special Coverart, only made for this Cassette Release.

Sold out

HOLYARROW - "Oath of Allegiance", Tape




Origin of Plague - "Origin of Plague"
Very last copies available through our Webshop and Bandcamp.


Sold out

AEK GWI- "Forest of Ghost"


Sold out

Skeletal Augury

"Bless of Destroyed, Raped, Dismembered Flesh"



 First Release out on 01. June 2015:  

Rupture - Death to Peace MC
Limited to 200 handnumbered copies, including a Logo Sticker.





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